Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Digital and Analog Audio Conversion, Common Problems

Digital and Analog Audio Converters:
Why, when and where do you need them?

We get people looking for solutions to Audio problems with need for Analog to Digital, Digital to Analog and Coax to/from Toslink Optical Audio all the time. Here are some common problems.

Digital to Analog (DAC):
  • PS3 Digital Output to your Standard Stereo or TV input.
  • Connecting Audio Device with Digital Output to Standard Stereo Connection.
  • You have a HDTV with an ATSC tuner or Cablecard Tuner, the HDTV has Digital Audio out, but no Analog Audio out, and you don't have a Digital Input on your Stereo or Home Theater.
  • You have run out of Digital Inputs on your Receiver and need to connect something that only has a Digital Audio Output.
  • Your Receiver has a Zone 2 (or Zone 3) that you use for another room, but the Zone 2 will not pass a Digital signal to the second Zone, only Stereo analog audio.
Analog to Digital (ADC):
  • You have run out of Analog Inputs on your Receiver, but still have a spare Digital input that you want to connect a stereo device to.
  • You have a single coax cable in your wall and want to transmit stereo audio to another location.
  • You have a Digital Recorder with no Stereo inputs, and need to connect stereo audio.
  • You need to run Analog audio a long distance without loss.
Toslink Optical to Digital Coax/Digital Coax to Toslink Optical
  • Your Receiver does not have enough Coax Digital Inputs for your Devices.
  • Your Receiver does not have enough Toslink Optical Inputs for your Devices.
Digital and Analog Audio Converters

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