Friday, February 02, 2007

Q) Can somebody help me out? I don't understand all the technical jargon I am reading about Blue-Ray vs HD DVD, but I need to make a decision on which to buy because soon I am purchasing a 52" Sharp LCD TV. If someone could just tell me in layman's terms the advantages and disadvantages of those two units, I would truly appreciate it.

A) It is very hard to recommend one over the other. Either one could end up the winner or loser in the format war. A good strategy as far as we are concerned is to rent movies rather than buy them and to try and pay the least possible amount of money on your player. HD DVD drives are generally less expensive, and shopping around or getting a used or open box player are options you may want to think about.
The Blu-Ray bargain is the Playstation 3. If you think you will be even remotely interested in games at all, it becomes that much better of an option. In any case it is a very good Blu-Ray player and is likely to hold its value since even if Blu-Ray were to lose the format war, it would still have value as a game console.

Besides keeping in mind the cost of the player, you need to see which titles are available and upcoming for each format to help decide which will give you the most satisfying content from your perspective. Some of us have gone "format neutral" by getting a PS3 as well as a Toshiba HD DVD player.


  1. The Porn industry chose the HD DVD.

  2. Well that's a bit too early to say! It certainly got a big head start with them, but who knows if the lead will last?

  3. Anonymous10:07 PM

    can someone tell me how to set up my hdtv. i have direct tv hd dvr hooked to my 65 toshiba tv. i have a dvd burner that i would like to run through the complete sytem. i would like to burn items from both the tv and dvr. how would i go about setting this up????

  4. You should post or email us the models of the equipment you have, so we can look up the connections they have. That way we might be able to help you.


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