Friday, May 04, 2007

How to connect your Home Theater

Our Home Theater connections page was very popular for a long time with its pictures of the various connections and explanations of what they were for. It has been a long time since we updated it. With the new HD DVD and Blu Ray connections, 1080p, HDMI 1.3 and new digital audio formats, we felt it was time to update our guide with the latest information. We also added in a section on Speaker cables. Please check it out and let us know if you'd like us to add anything to it.

Home Theater Connection Guide


  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Please add questions for the FAQ in this Comments area!

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    I have a connectivity question. Can I use an LCD computer monitor (with DVI connector) as a TV monitor, using a HiDef DirecTV box HDMI connection, HDMI - DVI cable, and sending the sound through a stereo receiver? If that works, what quality of picture should I expect?
    Thanks, DTK

  3. Yes, if the LCD Display has "HDCP", No, if it does not. HDMI in virtually all cases uses HDCP for copy protection. This will not let you display the output on an LCD Monitor. There are some devices, only available overseas, that may circumvent HDCP, such as the "HD Fury" just becoming available in Europe, but these will never be sold by a company in this country that wants to sell HDMI and HDCP compatible products. Besides, unless you have a mega expensive Barco projector, or other non-upgradeable super display it is most likely not really worth it.

  4. hi,

    I have LG TH503Ht home theater system. I want to connect it to Philips 170C8FS/00 PC monitor using HDMI/DVI cable but monitor gives a warning "can't display in this input. please change the resolution to 1280*1024..." and shows nothing.can u help me?

  5. I can't find any information on your LG TH503HT.
    I did find information on a newer revision of the monitor.
    Supported resolutions:
    H. freq (kHz) Resolution V. freq (Hz)
    31.469 720*400 70.087
    31.469 640*480 59.940
    35.000 640*480 67.000
    37.500 640*480 75.000
    35.156 800*600 56.250
    37.879 800*600 60.317
    46.875 800*600 75.000
    48.363 1024*768 60.004
    60.023 1024*768 75.029
    63.981 1280*1024 60.020
    79.976 1280*1024 75.025

    Can you give us some more information on the LG home theater? It looks like a resolution problem. It is hard to say what the LG might support as output resolutions.

    How are you connecting the two? Are you using a Component to VGA cable?


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