Wednesday, January 09, 2008

CES2008 Sands Convention Center

Hey, we finally made it here to Vegas for CES 2008, and started our Trek at the Sands Convention Center in the afternoon. There are many items here in the "innovations" awards area that have already gotten a ton of press, so we'll pick on some of the good and bad among them, and add some of the quirky and/or cool products that end up at the Sands.

Robots were all around, not just carpet cleaners for a change.
Here are some "interactive robots with sensors that respond to your motions, more or less.
Some are friendly:

Some are manly:

Some are, er, different:

Here's a great one for a fathers day present, it cuts the grass!

Lian Li always has a few mega super killer PC Cases. This was big, red and beautiful:

Arctic Cooling had some very nice cooling products:

Addlogix Has a nice PC to TV Wireless video streamer that looks rather promising
You may want to check for availability since we sell Addlogix

Here's a remote that could be great - if they only they bothered thinking about the ease of use of the "Play" button, stop, rewind, etc. All the same size and type - real cute but not easy to feel in the dark.

Now this is more like it:

Logitech is apparently getting their act together

Here's an innovation in ugliness:
B&W has come out with the strangest looking iPod dock ever devised. It probably sounds fabulous, but it looks like an unexploded WWI bomb, or something.

An Innovative waste?
Kensington Liquid FM: Automatically finds the best frequency for your ipods signal. But does it sound better than any other ipod fm transmitter?

Sorry, that is it for now. Tomorrow is a full day in the South hall and Central Hall - where the real action is!

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