Monday, March 24, 2008


We get questions all the time about connecting older HDTV's with no DVI HDMI inputs to up-converting DVD, Blu Ray player or Cable/Satellite Boxes. It's a bit of a tricky question as we mentioned when first posting about the HD Fury device back in June, 2007. You basically need two devices. The first device (HD Fury) , and this is the "key" device since the other one has a lot of options out there, but this one is very rare if not currently unique. It is also not sold in the U.S. and is seemingly not legal to do so. It converts HDMI video signals at standard HD resolutions up to 1080p into RGB analog video signal of the same resolution as the input. The tricky bit is it seems to remove any problems usually caused by HDCP with similar converters . Is that legal? Well maybe not, but if you bought an early HDTV, before the motion picture industry decided they should screw all early adopters, then it is the only way you can get the highest possible resolution video from many video sources.
The second tricky bit is that for many of these HDTV's you still have to convert from RGB to Y-Pr-Pb (Component Video). For that you'll need a RGB to Component video transcoder like the Audioauthority 9A60.

The bad part of all this is not so much the whole ordering equipment of questionable legality from overseas as it is the overall cost for both items is over $250 before shipping. This makes it a very tough decision indeed for older HDTV owners. Then again, for owners of expensive CRT Front projectors it is a very worthwhile device.

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