Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Panamax - Power and In-Wall Cable Solutions

Panamax not only offers High End Power conditioners for your Home Theater and top quality Surge supressing Power Strips, but their "Max In Wall" series of Wall plates offer In wall power and AV cabling solutions with power filtering for a "Complete" solution to your In wall AV cable and power problems.

Panamax - Power and In-Wall Cable Solutions

Panamax power and av in wall solution Put your Power and AV cabling in the wall! Panamax has true code compliant solutions with built in power filtering. Hide the wall plate behind your Wall mounted Plasma or LCD Display, for that "no cables" look. Various versions available with modular AV connection blocks. Whether you need an In-wall power extension solution, Power and AV, or just the perfect Power Conditioning for your Home Theater or Computer - Panamax has a great solution for you.

The Pros use Panamax - so should you!
Panamax Products

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