Wednesday, March 04, 2009

New upgrades to our iPod eXtreme Cables

iPod eXtreme "Gen 2" Cables now available.

Our iPod eXtreme Cables have been upgraded with nice Neutrik Connectors. We also upgraded the conductor gauge on the silver plated, teflon coated conductors. The big news is the price is still the same!

These cables are all hand made and assembled as well as professionally silver soldered in the USA. That's right, they are made right here in our factory in beautiful Cinnaminson, New Jersey. (right outside of beautiful Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) . [Stop laughing, you Hawaiians, thanks. ]

Custom lengths and other connectors are not a problem. Need 1/4" mono or stereo Neutrik connectors to go to your mixing board or Amp? No problem. Audiophile? Have to have WBT Nextgen RCA's? No problem. Right angle mini plug? Yep, whatever...

I-eXtreme iPod Docking to Mini plug Cable
I-eXtreme iPod Docking to Stereo RCA Cable

Back in Black for B-Dawk!

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