Thursday, May 07, 2009



The much anticipated raffle drawing for the beautiful basket... Wait a second, "THANK YOU STEPHANIE FOR THE GENEROUS DONATION OF THE BASKET FILLED BEYOND THE RIM WITH GOOD AND USEFUL ITEMS". It was very creative on your part.

Now back to the winning moment, each employee watched as the winning ticket was drawn from the bin. "Ed Lafferty" this years winner of the Mothers Day Gift Basket.

This successful effort added $134.00 to our total $344.30. Statistically that is 11.476% of the total we are reaching for.

There is another fundraiser in 2 weeks which sounds very appetizing.

One last thing, Stephanie and Xiomara need some fun and creative ideas for the Flea Market Fundraiser that is being planned. Thought needs to be given as to:
  • The items that you would like to donate for sale
  • Folding tables to hold the goods
  • People that would like to donate their Saturday Morning covering the Sale
  • Creative ways to decorate the table during the sale
  • etc.....

Please see Xiomara and Stephanie with ways in which you would like to help us reach our goal...

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