Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The committee would like give a very special thank you to Chanthalay and Van, and thank you to Steve for their contributions last week. Everything you both have done over the years show that you caring about others is what you are about. Thanks again .

Dung, your 50/50 lotto idea is going great. It is a concept that has been popular with our employees for years but you turned it into something that will help us with this campaign. We thank and salute your creativity.

On Thursday June 20th a Fathers Day Bundle will be raffled. Each raffle ticket will be $2.00 and the contents should be similar to this.
SO don't get excited about this picture,
hopefully we will have a real picture tomorrow, right Eddie?


Thank you for all of the donations. A very interesting collection. Now we need volunteers to get the goods to Market...

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