Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sale on our newest HDMI Cables!

Sale on our newest HDMI Cables!
Our latest version of our acclaimed HDMI Elite Series cables are ready to connect all of your HDMI 1.4  devices. The Perfect choice for the new 3D HDTV's they are optimized for the high bandwidth necessary for 3D applications, and support all HDMI 1.4 features including Ethernet.

Why Silver Plated Copper?
HDMI signals are high frequency large bandwidth video signals. These signals have a characteristic of traveling on the surface of the wire. Silver plating is a better conductor, reduces copper surface oxidization and solders better to a gold contact, since they are both noble metals. Our HDMI cables will perform the same for many years from day one.

·  Solid Conductor for Best Conductivity
·  Silver Plated for the Ultimate in High Frequency Conductivity and non-degradation over time
·  Solid Conductor, Silver Plated on all conductors, not just TMDS pairs,
    for the ultimate in perfectly "timed" cables.
·  Category 2 high speed cable - supports 4k resolution.
·  3D Capable
·  Supports 120, 240 frames per second refresh rate.
·  Tested to 10.2 gigabit bandwidth.
·  Dolby TrueHD , Deep Color and x.v Color spaces - giving billions of colors.
·  Supports Audio return channel
·  Supports Content type
·  Supports Ethernet over HDMI
·  Carefully manufactured to provide consistent Characteristic Impedance
    for short or long cables.
·  The connectors and cables are molded and jacketed for the best long range dependability, rather than appearance.
·  High quality Gold plating on all electrical contacts for long lasting reliability.
·  Tested and certified for HDMI 1.4 compliance.

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