Friday, February 18, 2011

Compression Connectors and Tools

There are three things you want when installing an audio/video system, so you can get to the job of enjoying the finish results.

1. It should be easy
2. Work properly
3. Last forever, without any problem.

Compression connectors matched with the right coaxial cables are designed to provide all of these.

The connectors are available in three primary styles, which will fit the needs of consumer, professional and commercial applications. RCA connectors are the most common and found on most consumer audio/video electronic products. For broadband and CATV, you will see the F connector. Professional and commercial installations used BNC connectors.

Two types of coaxial cables RG-6 and RG-59 are found in 90% of the installations. Old installs used RG-59 for common house runs. The RG-6 is popular today and my favorite. RG-6 is a 18 gauge single conductor solid or stranded wire. Solid conductors offer the best properties and are easy to use with compression connectors. RG-6 works for audio and video, both digital and the older analog signals. The larger 18 gauge is also good for longer runs.

Terminating RCA's, F’s or BNC connectors to RG-6 is a four step process and requires only three tools, cable cutter, coaxial stripper and a compression crimping tool. A small curved jaw cutter does a nice clean cut without deforming the cable. However, any sharp wire cutters will work that are designed to handle up to 12gauge wire. The coaxial strippers are connector specific and cable specific. Liberty offers a complete CM-TOOL-PAC that includes all the tools with a case for easy storage.

The one piece all metal connectors from Liberty and White Sands Engineering are high quality great value products. They are an all-metal design rugged and can handle tough conditions. Instructions for terminating connectors are simple. Details on terminating the connectors are available online. The Liberty connectors have a nice color-coded feature to allow you to confirm you are using the correct connected with the cable.

Cables made with these connectors and coaxial cable, will work on the following applications left/right audio, composite video, component video, subwoofer, S/PDIF, CATV or HD SDI. In other words they will work for just about every audio or video application you require. What is the down side? None!

On your next electronics install project check out the compression connector products and you will be pleasantly surprised, how easy and fast you will be enjoying your listening or viewing experience and not worrying about problems for years to come.

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