Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New iPod Extreme - Docking Connector Line output cables

iPod Extreme Audio cables for Home and Car Stereo

We try to keep busy in the summer doing the usual summer stuff, and a lot of us do it with our iPods. If you also like to do things with your iPod, we have something new, right off the drawing board you might find enhances the relationship!

The Home Audio iPod Extreme - Awesome noise free sound with extremely wide bandwidth.

Due to the big difference in audio quality available from the iPod Docking connectors "line output" compared to the headphone output, we have designed these cables from the ground up to give you the ultimate sound quality from your iPod. We offer two types - one designed primarily for home audio use to your stereos left and right stereo audio RCA connector inputs, and one designed for Car audio with a mini stereo plug for your cars "Aux" input. Both are made with the same high grade silver plated Teflon twisted pair wires.

And the Car Audio iPod Extreme:

Mini Plug Stereo Connection for Car Audio "AUX" Inputs.
Same great sound, Same nice looks, Same durable construction. Available now to hear your iPod like you never heard it before!

· Silver Plated Copper wire
· Teflon Insulated
· Dual Twisted Pairs for low noise, excellent sound quality
· Silver Soldered
· Techflex Jacket
· Super low Capacitance for wide bandwidth
· Custom made to order in the USA!

iPod Extreme mini
iPod Extreme RCA

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