Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Thermalright PC Cooling Products

RAM Electronics is proud to announce it is an Authorized Thermalright dealer.
Our Goal over the years has always been to provide the best products available to save our customers the time and trouble of spending hours doing research.
Thermalright is a perfect example of this, as they are the best reviewed, most imitated Computer Heatsink Manufacturer out there. Of course you don't have to take our word for it, just read the reviews at the Silent PC Cooling sites, Gamer Overclocking Sites and Performance PC Sites and you'll soon come to the same conclusion. So if you want to build an Ultra Quiet HTPC or a Killer Gaming Rig, or just want to replace your current cooler, they have a very over engineered soultion at a great price.

Thermalright Company info
Thermalright is an elite design house that manufactures cooling products for computer components for the best quality and performance your money can buy. In 2002, AMD released its first generation Thunderbird CPU and since then they have been there every step of the way to counter high voltage and high heat with innovative design and highly acclaimed cooling solutions not only for AMD but for Intel as well. One of early well known solutions was the SK-6. With many positive and rave reviews under its belt Thermalright bolted to the top as the heat sink manufacturer mostly preferred by Overclockers and enthusiasts around the World. To this day, innovation never left their vocabulary as they keep coming up with leading edge designs staying ahead of the competition

Thermalright Products

Thermalright Reviews

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