Wednesday, April 08, 2009

120MHz, 240Mhz and 60MHz HDMI Cables?

According to our Tech Support guy people still keep asking about 120MHz, 240Mhz and 60MHz HDMI Cables. This whole thing was covered quite nicely in an article by Blue Jeans Cable's Kurt Denke on Audioholics.
Let's make it real simple:
Your display is doing all that 120Hz or 240Hz stuff internally. The cable puts out what the Disk Player is putting out. That is usually somewhere between 480i-30Hz to 1080p-60Hz. You might get 1080p-24Hz output going to a Display, but that's easier than 1080p-60Hz for the cable. Unless you have a scaler outputting 1080p-72Hz to a Display that can accept it, you are not doing anything interesting to a cable.

And don't get me started on that "deep color" thing!
What a scam. Do you have any Deep Color content that your "Source Device" can output? Is there a likelihood that device will work with whatever new TV format replaces
the current version of HDTV or Blu Ray? Again, high end users have some possible reasons to worry about deep color, but us normal folks can forget it.

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