Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whole House HDTV Distribution for less than an HDTV

Distribute HD Video and Audio over Cat5 Cables - Affordably...

HD Distribution has always been pretty darn expensive, not to mention complicated. But let's face it, adding an HD DVR, DVD or Blu Ray player and what have you (Roku, HTPC, PS3, Xbox) to every room in the house you have a TV in is a great way to go broke too. Well, if you can run Cat5 cables to all of your TV rooms you can pretty easily distribute HD Component Video (or Composite Video) and Digital or Analog audio to up to six rooms in your house. Ce Labs new inexpensive solution is a great way to cut down on your Cable/Satellite bill. With built-in IR distribution you can use your main remote control in any room to operate your Receiver and Source, so if you use your Receiver for switching, you can easily switch beween Sources. This is obviously a great system for Store Showrooms, Schools, Trade shows and Digital Signage as well.

The system consists of the Source unit and up to six Receiver Units to output to the TV and/or Audio System. Most Whole House Audio systems cost more than this!
Check it out:
Ce Labs Cat5 HD A/V Distribution System

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